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Welcome to the Decoymans Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever home page, Please take your time and have a look at the many links to other sites offered on this page, you will find much more of interest  in the box below.

I will start by giving a brief history on how I became involved in such a delightful little dog. In 1983 I moved into Nacton Decoy which is the home of the Decoymans Kennel. We always had decoy dogs which were just the run of the mill mutt, we would have a call from the local dog compound saying that they had a foxy type dog that they never found the home of. They knew that we were only interested in this type of dog. Here is a photo of my first decoy dog which was taken in 1984. The Toller came to the UK around 1987.

This is my first Decoy Dog and is not a Toller                This is our home at Nacton Decoy           

Around 1991 I lost my little Decoy Dog, when I first picked her up at the dog house we didn't know the age of her and you know how the years go by, Well the situation with stray dogs had all but came to an end due to the fact that people were being fined heavily for letting their dog stray, Good news for the dogs but not for us What no more fox like Dogs?

Then I was told of a breed of dog that was purpose bred for the job and Hey presto the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever had arrived at Nacton Decoy and with my interest in shooting so had an ideal Hunting companion and at the moment Ten Tollers.

Not only do these little dogs hunt well they also make good Agility Dogs and my wife regularly takes one to the local Agility club.

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                            Oldholbans Mary Mac of Decoymans                       Meg doing a bit of Training                                                         

UK Interim Breed Standard   Toller Cold Game Working Test 1997
International Champion: Decoymans Piper Holly   Toller Test Sweden 10th May 1998 
World Champion Decoymans Piper Bracken    Toller Test September 27th 1998
Pictures of my Dogs   George Bird's Observations of Nacton Decoy
 HAP Smiths Article.Early 1900's Nacton Decoy
Kooikerhondje Decoy Dog. Search & Rescue
 Dogs And More Dogs Decoymans Piper Napoleon
  Hannah The Tale of the Toller  Robert Milner's Retriever Training Site   
Working Trials   Shooting Times
 Pipers Vale   (Nothing to do with Dogs or Ducks) Toller Clubs and Breeders
Training Tollers in Switzerland  
Compiled and maintained by Laura Norie and Donna LaHaise

Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey's Book of Duck Decoys 1886 

British Duck Decoys of Today 1918 by Joseph Whitaker

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 Get this book in the UK    A Breed Apart ( Gail MacMillan )       Other books by Gail MacMillan         Alison Strang & Gail MacMillan

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    Decoymans Piper Breeze

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John Norris, Decoy House, Nacton, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP10 0HP England UK  Telephone: 01473 659302


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